FullStar: A Network of AllStarLink Nodes for Full-Duplex Lovers!

AllStar Link is one of the very few HAM networks that offers full-duplex capabilities. This enables a more immersive and interactive experience like a real phone call. You remain in control all the time and can interact with your node even if someone else is talking so you can, for example, disconnect from a node without waiting from that precious blank on a busy channel. Furthermore, AllStarLink offers higher quality audio codecs, like µ-law, and that don’t suffer from the robotic feel you might experience on other digital modes (D-Star, C4FM, DMR…).

What is FullStar?

FullStar stands for Full-Duplex AllStarLink nodes. It is 100% based on the AllStarLink network. It’s not a fork but just a way of identifying nodes with full-duplex capabilities. FullStar has nothing to do with FreeStar or D-Star.

Enjoy an immersive experience

FullStar promotes the use of full-duplex nodes for more interactive discussions as well as high-quality audio codecs such as µ-law.

Join us

Link your full-duplex node to one the the FullStar “talkgroup” servers/nodes (FullStar World, FullStar France…) or just to a single user. Building a full-duplex AllStarLink node is easy and fun. Simplex nodes are welcome too!